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Our Chastity Cage brand is designed to make a subtle and respectful incursion into your private sphere and hidden desires, offering you a wide selection of belts and chastity cages.


Mistress Queen's advice

Mastering Discipline

Dominance and Submission

In the captivating realm of dominance and submission, the Dominant commandingly rules, while the submissive adheres scrupulously to the protocols detailed in their chastity agreement. An unbiased Dominant administers suitable discipline at even the minor infractions, but how is this carried out? With a well-lubricated anal plug or dildo, prepare the submissive's portal for anal engagement. What follows next is the delivery of your potent, impassioned thrusts. This can be a feature of a homosexual partnership, or with the use of a strap-on dildo. Yet, this is merely one method. For those preferring a more traditional submission, the allure of bondage harnesses, leather or latex undergarments, whips, and handcuffs may be more appealing.

It's vital to recognize that a submissive can be effectively restrained and their desire magnified even within the soft touch of an erotic tableau. Visualize the charm of a striptease, alluring lingerie, or capturing their interest with an adult film. Think about the arousal of foreplay, gently stroking their testicles, or tantalizing their penis and glans through the cage's bars. The more adventurous might choose to stimulate their anus or perineum with a vibrator, command them to perform oral sex, enjoy both vaginal and anal self-gratification, or even take pleasure in cuckolding them in their direct view! If your male counterpart remains resistant, consider exciting them with a urethral probe linked to a vibrating and electrical stimulator. This electrostimulation assures unwavering obedience.