Overview of Blue Plastic Chastity Cage GB 3000
Ring of Blue Plastic Chastity Cage GB 3000

Blue Plastic Chastity Cage GB 3000

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Unlock a New Realm of Intimacy with the GB 3000 Blue Plastic Cage

Discover the world of intimate exploration with the GB 3000 Blue Plastic Chastity Cage. Designed for those who dare to explore the depths of their desires, this captivating accessory will invigorate your erotic adventures and bring a touch of excitement into domination play. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of chastity, the GB 3000 is crafted to provide a snug fit, ensuring maximum comfort and security.

    Features of the Blue Plastic Chastity Cage GB 3000

    Material Plastic (Polycarbonate)

    Product inventory

    1 chastity cage

    5 ring sizes

    2 spacers

    1 brass padlock + 2 keys

    5 disposable padlocks

    Ring dimensions


    Diameter in mm:


    Cage size

    Upper length: 82 mm

    Lower length: 60 mm

    Outside diameter: 34 mm

    Strong points

    • Light: Perfect for energetic submissives seeking abstinence.
    • Ergonomic: The multiple cockring sizes supplied with the cage guarantee a good hold.
    • Openable ring: Ensures quick and easy installation.
    • Padlock-type closure: For bondage enthusiasts who like to hear the "click" indicating the start of abstinence.


    • Breathable: Features multiple ventilation holes all over the surface.
    • Central slit: Located at the tip of the penis, for clean urination.
    • Quality materials: Medical-grade polycarbonate cage.
    • Easy to clean: Wash the cage in lukewarm water and use a mild, odorless soap to disinfect it.

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