Precision-engineered lock mechanism
metal cockcage
Sleek modern chastity design

Men's Steel Chastity L Ring

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Unveil a New Realm of Sensation: The Pinnacle of Modern Bondage Gear

Embark on a journey into the world of intimate restraint with the Men's Steel Chastity L Ring. Meticulously crafted from robust steel, this cage is designed for those who seek a premium and unmatched bondage experience.
While its sturdy material ensures longevity, the ergonomic design guarantees maximum comfort even during prolonged use. The precision-engineered lock mechanism keeps things securely in place, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your adventures. Ample ventilation ensures comfort, while the easy-to-clean surface allows for hygienic and worry-free usage.

Characteristics of the Men's Steel Chastity L Ring

Material Stainless steel

Ring dimensions



36 mm (29*38mm)

40 mm (35*41mm)

45 mm (38*51mm)

50 mm (41*57mm)

Cage size

Total length: 80 mm

Internal diameter: 32 mm


  • Long: Recommended for people with long genitals.
  • Curved: Guarantees an incomplete and disturbing erection with a unique appearance.
  • Open tube: The space between the bars offers the possibility of observing your tingling and other lustful emotions.


  • Central slit: Located at the end of the glans, it is used to urinate while remaining in the cage.
  • Odourless: Metal is not permeable, so it does not absorb annoying odours.
  • Rust-proof: Stainless steel does not rust, even when exposed to moisture.

Ergonomics & Safety

  • Oval cockring: Promotes ease of movement around the testicles and reduces rubbing around the lower abdomen.
  • Openable ring: Easy, stress-free fitting.
  • Internal lock: Strong, inaudible and stealthy, it will go unnoticed under your trousers.


  • Solid: Stainless steel is a solid metal, optimal for consistent abstinence.
  • Massive: Its weight will remind you of your submission at all times.
  • Distinguished metallic design: The shiny, smooth steel walls will transform your slave penis into a resplendent jewel.

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