Front view of Minigun Male Metal Chastity Cage showing sturdy design
Elegant and robust stainless steel Minigun Chastity Cage
Dimensions of the Metal Male Chastity Cage Minigun

Metal Male Chastity Cage Minigun

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Unlock the Thrill of Restraint with the Minigun Metal Cage

Step into a world of tantalizing denial with the Minigun Male Metal Chastity Cage. This exquisite device weaves together the dual joys of chastity and control, offering an exhilarating blend of restraint and sensual promise. Embrace the art of orgasm denial, and revel in the intense, intimate fantasies that this cage brings to life.

Features of the Metal Male Chastity Cage Minigun

Material Stainless steel

Ring size (oval)



36 mm (29*38mm)

40 mm (35*41mm)

45 mm (38*51mm)

50 mm (47*57mm)

Dimension cage

Total length: 40mm

Internal diameter: 32mm


  • Short: Recommended for men with small genitals. Can be worn discreetly under any item of clothing.
  • Internal lock: Solid, inaudible and stealthy.
  • Playful: The spaces between the bars allow you to find your receptivity to scratching and other perversions.


  • Highly breathable: You can wear the cage for long hours before sweating.
  • Central slit: Located at the end of the urethra, it allows you to relieve yourself without leaving the cage.
  • Odourless: Stainless steel is not spongy, so it won't retain unpleasant odours.
  • Rust-proof: The metal does not oxidise, even when exposed to moisture..


  • Anneau ovale : Augmente l'aisance à l'endroit des bourses et empêche les irritations à l'emplacement du scrotum.
  • Anneau avec charnière : Installation pratique et sans efforts.


  • Sturdy: Stainless steel is a robust metal, suitable for constant abstinence.
  • Light: Ideal for dynamic slaves looking for a personal challenge.
  • Distinguished metal design: Shiny, smooth steel partitions will transform your slave sex into a flamboyant jewel.

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